The Effectiveness of the Modern Animal Feeds Preservation Methods – Net Wrap

The modern animal feeds preservation methods are here to ensure that every farmer succeeds in their livestock farming business. Unlike before when the only preservation methods were haymaking which required storage space to avoid weather damage and silage pits that were not effective as they would lead to spoilage of the preserved feeds, today you can use the modern methods which are both efficient and affordable. This advanced method includes the use of silage film, silage wrap, net wrap, silage covers and so on. All these are plastic wrapping materials used in the preservation of animal feeds.

Take a case like if you have many hectares of grass than you need to preserve. If you use the old haymaking method which involves making square hay bales and taking them to a storage space, it will be unpractical to have such a vast storage space. Therefore, you will end up having limited feeds for future use as the grass remains in the field to flower and become un-nutritious. However, if you adopt the new preservation methods, all you need is to harvest the grass on time, make round bales and the wrap the bales using a net wrap.

This way, you will be protecting the bales from any weather damage. It means that the bales can be left on the farm and you will be able to make as many bales as you can which means that you will have more than enough feeds for future use. This way, you will also have the grass regrowing again, and this implies animal feeds will never be a problem to you.

Now, although these wrapping products are very efficient and very affordable, not all of them have the best features. The best feature, in this case, should be stretch-free, waterproof, tear proof, UV stable etc. Therefore, before you can buy your net wrap, silage wrap etc., you should verify that you are getting the right products. Otherwise, you will have poor quality, or spoiled animal feeds at the time of feeding, and you will count tremendous losses. The best thing to do is to ensure that you are purchasing the plastic wrapping products from reliable dealers. Since the dealers are many in the market, both online and at your local market, be sure to research which includes talking to other livestock farmers to know a dealer that can be trusted. To be sure of quality and affordability, visit for net wrap, silage, wrap, silage film etc.

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