How to Find the Best Novated Lease Company

All employees in SA can benefit from the enormous savings provided by a novated lease company as you can claim your vehicle as a tax deduction in the form of salary package arrangement. There are many advantages to a novated lease deal, but not all novated lease companies are equal. Since a novated lease is made up of many components, it is essential to know what kind of a deal you are getting into before making any decisions. It brings us to the question, how do you find a reliable novated lease company?Novated Lease Companies

Before you choose a novated lease company, consider the following.

Does the novated lease dealerhave access to more than one financiers to ensure you are getting the best deal based on your financial circumstances? You need to be working with a novated lease company that has many financiers to ensure that the lease fits your needs. Avoid a company that only has one financier as you will not have many options.

Does your novated lease dealer give you a quote without learning more about you? Getting an instant quote is good but not if you are going to miss a better deal through tax savings. The novated lease company, the best one, will want to know your circumstances to ensure that you get the right deal. The quote you get will help you understand what you are up for, and the consultants will help you know every detail of the agreement.

Before you make up your mind, be sure to ask about the interest rate that they are charging. If the dealer is hesitant about telling you, then walk away as there might be hidden charges. You need to work only with a novated lease dealer who is very open and holds nothing back especially interest rates.

When looking for a novated lease company, it is essential to look for a company that operates locally. This way, they will know the area where you live and also how you intend to use your car. Another good thing about working with a local company is that they are accessible for a face to face conversation when you need to get a few things cleared.


The best Novated lease companies will ensure that they will meet all your needs before you sign the deal. They will give you all the options available as per your case and take you through the details to ensure that you are making the right choice. All you need is to do proper research to find a reliable novated lease company. Friends’ referrals and reviews online can help you make this decision.

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