Stage Hire – Why You Need to Consider the Weather

When organising an event, there are many things you need to get right the first time, and this involves staging. If you are planning an outdoor function, you will need to consider the weather impact depending on your staging requirements. For example, is it likely to rain? If so, you will have to think about keeping your speakers, band, or singer dry – not to mention all of the cost sound and lighting equipment that will be on the stage.

Also, when organising an outdoor function, you should also consider if the day is likely to be sunny. To get the best from the stage roof, you need to ensure that it is as dark as possible so that you can see the lighting or video screens that have been arranged. Also, try not to aim your stage into the sunlight when the sun sets as your audience will not be able to see a thing. Having a large roof cover on the platform will help protect performers from the sun – or any other harsh or extreme weather.

Besides covering the performance areas themselves, you should as well consider covering areas of backstage and sides of the stage. These areas can be used by the stage management team to store sound systems, backline, lighting and video equipment.

One of the most significant things when it comes to stage hire SAis what effect the wind will have on the event. Wind speed and direction are essential when planning for your event. Lots of planning need to be done when deciding on the location of the stage, taking into account the course of the prevailing wind, the position of the platform, and ensuring that open faces of the area are not open to the direction the wind will blow. If the wind blows towards the stage, things can get difficult if the wind picks up.

When you’re planning your function site, ensure that you speak to staging consultant who will help Stage Hire SAyou locate your stage in the best position possible. The wind’s direction can also affect the way the sound travels,and this may affect your nearby residents.

If you do proper planning and use the best stage hire SA services, you can rest assured that your event will be successful. However, taking care when it comes to staging to ensure that you are working with the best company. The best company will help you set up the best stage will all the supporting equipment for a successful venue. All you need is do research, and you will get a reliable staging company.

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