Why Palm Tree Pruning Should Be for Experts Only

You have come to a point where the number of palm trees that need pruning has increased in a way that you no longer see it fit to do the job yourself. Well, the fact is palm tree pruning, as well as trimming, is not a job for average property owners like you. Even though you think it is rather simple and straightforward task, it still makes more sense to hire professional and expert palm tree pruning services.

There’s no denying that minor pruning is something you can do on your own with the help of simple tools like saws and pruners. However, if you are not familiar with stuff like which part to cut and how much needs cutting, then those are signs that you certainly need experts to handle it instead. Pruning is a task that’s not just for aesthetic purposes; when done right, it benefits the palm tree’s health, as well as the aspect of safety and protection against damage to your property.

Tree pruning must be left for experts because there is more to it than meets the eye. Like for instance, most people think it is all the same, but in reality, there are four different types. The first is intended for aesthetic reasons, while the second type of pruning is for improving the palm tree’s structure. Another form, called hazard pruning, is more on safety reasons. Finally, the fourth type called crown reduction involves the removal of branches on the top or side of the tree, thereby preventing it from reaching or touching utility lines or damaging the roof of your home.

You realise that there, in fact, is more to pruning than what you initially thought. No doubt those experts in pruning and trimming should be relied upon because they are well-equipped to do the job more efficiently. In case you are just too stubborn to follow our recommendation, and you decide you be doing it on your own, then you understand the risk involved. For instance, you might cause irreparable damage to the limbs or trunk of the palm tree, or perhaps you injure yourself in the process.

Furthermore, climbing spurs tend to damage the tree, and in pruning, there’s lots of climbing involved. Aside from potentially damaging the tree, going up the tree without the skills and experience quickly can lead to injury. Taking this into consideration, why in the world would you risk your life and limbs for a job like a palm tree pruning when you merely can hire an expert service to do it for you? After all, it would not cost that much to pay for the services.

Finally, hiring palm tree pruning experts makes the most sense if you want your palm trees to look attractive, presentable, and professional, in the process adding value to your home and property.

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